Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan

Sand Dunes on Lake Michigan

"Bay dunes" by Diane Tasselmyer , 8" x 24" x 1½"  oil on canvas       $300 ready to hang

WHO CAN RESIST a good looking sand dune on the Great Lakes, specifically Lake Michigan.  Artists love to paint these "mysteries of sand".     They twist and turn in the in the winds, a soft whoosh..or a battering blow.  They have enchanted me since I was a child and I love paint them.

I am headed up (north) to Sturgeon Bay and Harbor Springs, Michigan with friends for a few days. say "who goes to the beach in cooler weather?"  I do, and so do a lot of other "cool weather" lovers.  Michigan is just too beautiful in every season to not be out there  IN it.  And then bring home more paintings ideas.

WHEN THE GREAT LAKES FREEZE it helps prevent evaporation, a protective measure.  These huge bodies of fresh water support our vibrant sport fishing, commercial fishing , water sports, boating, and other tourist venues.  We are blessed to have so much water around us in Michigan.

WHO CAN RESIST  this beautiful state of Michigan!   COME ONE, COME ALL..AND ENJOY!!
Diane Tasselmyer
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