Painting in a Series

Above is a famous series of paintings done by Claude Monet. He was a master of doing a "series of works". One was his "Haystacks series" These are of the Thames river in London. There was another series of a French Cathedral.
I have done work in "series" in the past and want to do another series in 2011. I haven't picked my sunject matter except that it will be landscape.
Off the top of my head I remember my "waterlilly series" (inspired by who else but Claude Monet). Then there was a series of the Shiawassee River.

Sunset Good Hart Michigan Readmond Twp. Beach Fish Boil

12" x 24" 1 1/2"  Oil on Canvas with image painted on the sides.   
 Have you ever been to a Lake Michigan "fish boil"?????? Yummmmm...Lip Smackin' ...It was my first!!!!!  What a great time was had by all on Readmond Twp. Beach.   I could spend the whole week there painting!!!!Having now discovered the culinary delights of the three amigos !!   each food boiled and tossed onto long checkered tablecloths for the pickins'  I proceeded to be astounded by the setting.  When the night arrives, the party is over (or moves somewhere else)This painting was truly a spectacle to create..I wanted to get the softness of the approaching haze across the water while keeping the intimacy of a picnic on the beach.
    Have a dull, drab wall in your house?   this may be the ticket to a one minute vacation that you can visit anytime..or for sweet memories of a  great beach or a FISH BOIL .this painting $150 INCLUDES  ship/handling. 

Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran
American, born England, 1837 – 1926
Part of the romantic tradition in late nineteenth-century landscape painting, Thomas Moran is most recognized for his idealized scenes celebrating the American West, though he depicted other areas, notably Florida and Long Island, New York. A work he showed in 1889, A Pastoral, is probably the Flint Institute of Arts' or a variant. In a review of the 1889 annual exhibition, a critic noted that "A Pastoral… possesses an undeniable scenic grandeur… Its only fault as a composition is that it is a little too perfect." Moran's paintings were largely produced from on-site sketches and completed in his studio. In A Pastoral Landscape, Moran has concentrated on the lushness of the low-lying Long Island marshland by giving a velvety quality to the paint surface


Down to one Assistant
As some of you know one of my studio assistants, Red Dog, my 50 pound mutt, died earlier this year.
My remaining studio assistant, Sammi the beagle, has been hard at work. At the ripe age of 14, she no longer strives to eat paint, chew brushes, rip canvas, or rummage through waste paper baskets.
She has a true spirit of artist discipline and focus.

THE BLUFF Harbor Springs Michigan LITTLE TRAVERSE BAY Impressionist

18" X 24" X 1 1/2" Oil on Canvas
 THE BLUFF OF LITTLE TRAVERSE BAY in Harbor Springs is a timeless view of Lake Michigan harbor town.
The Impressionist style of this painting is done In a "high key".  It's a light painting as opposed to something like a  night scene which would be called "low key".   I used a palette knife for this piece.   The thick paint makes such a great texture and it's fun to run your hand over it. (don't do this to other people's paintings...ask first)
Little Traverse Yacht club, beaches, sailing, shops, Art Galleries (of course), The Pier Restaurant and Bar harbor bar are only a few of the "things to do" here in  Harbor Springs in Northern Michigan.
       You can always pick up a paintbrush and create a paintings too!!!