Collector Corner

Many people seem to "collide" with collecting art
Others pursue their Art with a heated passion.

 Either way, it started with that first piece.

WHY DID THEY BUY ART????-Sudden Impact
-One of a kind, original and unique possession
-It added to their life

Sudden Impact
 That instant visual engagement
 They had to have it..
 They were moved by struck a chord with their inner self

One of a Kind, Original and Unique possesion
  It is Original.. No one else has it!
  It is One of a Kind...not a reproduction
  YOU own it.  It is a Unique possession

It added to Their Life  
  The painting brought back memories of a visited place or a place they want to be
  It provided an instant vacation where for a few minutes they went to another place
  They wanted to treat themselves
  The painting enhanced their interior color scheme
  The piece "just plain old" made em feel good

So,  If You have collided with art or seriously pursue it is an intimate journey that enhances life!