Artist Statement

Being a Landscape Painter is what makes my life zing. It’s what I do “soul craft”, so to speak and what I do for a living. In each piece I aim to capture the essence of the scene, the excitement I feel and wrap it up in a colorful painterly way. I hope my viewers find my work pleasantly stimulating, and appealing. Each piece I sell has some attachment for the buyer…some meaning. Or perhaps they want to see it as a visual vacation.
In the course of my work, I feel the most satisfaction using oil paint. It’s texture, consistency, and tactile feel when dry, all combine to help me achieve my effects. I tend to enjoy stronger color and contrast and gravitate to landscape work. It flows better for me. The result of spending my life in a state like Michigan, surrounded by the beauty and drama of the Great Lakes, its rivers, and lots and lots of green countryside has influenced my painting to a great degree.

One of the most amazing realizations that set my “vision” in place happened in my late teens when I started riding a train to work. Gazing out the window, all the shapes, colors, places and moments in time flowed by, and I knew each could be a painting. Then, it was like my eyes were opened and my perception made a huge leap.  One of those "oooh ahhh" moments!
It is with great pleasure I share my work with you.


-In Royal Oak, Michigan I spent my childhood and budding artist years.
-Art major at Wayne State University, Detroit and Eastern Michigan University
-14 years of automotive design sculpture
-present day artist painter
Years of solo and group shows have followed, along with inclusion in collections worldwide