Sunset Good Hart Michigan Readmond Twp. Beach Fish Boil

12" x 24" 1 1/2"  Oil on Canvas with image painted on the sides.   
 Have you ever been to a Lake Michigan "fish boil"?????? Yummmmm...Lip Smackin' ...It was my first!!!!!  What a great time was had by all on Readmond Twp. Beach.   I could spend the whole week there painting!!!!Having now discovered the culinary delights of the three amigos !!   each food boiled and tossed onto long checkered tablecloths for the pickins'  I proceeded to be astounded by the setting.  When the night arrives, the party is over (or moves somewhere else)This painting was truly a spectacle to create..I wanted to get the softness of the approaching haze across the water while keeping the intimacy of a picnic on the beach.
    Have a dull, drab wall in your house?   this may be the ticket to a one minute vacation that you can visit anytime..or for sweet memories of a  great beach or a FISH BOIL .this painting $150 INCLUDES  ship/handling. 

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