Longest Suspension Bridge

Longest  Suspension Bridge 

The Mighty Mackinac Bridge of Michigan has drawn admirers since it opened in 1957.
IN THIS VERSION , I painted the wonderful blue of the lakes it connects and the light reflecting up the bridge. This painting also incorporates brush painting in oil paint and use of the painting knife. (sometimes called a palette knife)

It has many moods relative to the weather which provides an amazing backdrop. I am drawn to the bridge for the beauty of the area, the wide vistas, and the ever changing sky. The area underneath the bridge is "The Straits of Mackinac" and connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. These lakes are like inland seas.

I am also attracted to the symbolic nature of the bridge. It connects the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and the Lower Pennisula of Michigan. It keeps us together economically, physically and in spirit.
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